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This summer, as I watch Ask Mantik Intikam, which is going. from strength to strength every week, I am intrigued by additional dimensions in thestorytelling that pulls me in. Far from a fantasy tale, it is the healing love story of a couple shattered by their own choices, rooted in real-life practical. issues; while they were building a relationship and a marriage.It illustrates that sometimes youthful immaturity undermines the power of love, sometimes love is simply not enough, and it gives.; voice to women who choose to exercise. their right to a divorce when they are emotionally and spiritually depleted in a marriage. It is not a right or wrong, black and white story, and both the characters are flawed, imperfect ;and yet willing to bear the consequences of their mistakes.The story follows a married couple who divorced after several years of marriage.ask mantik intikam episode 25

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