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Baraj Episode 35 High Quality

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story of baraj

Nehir (Baraj – Dam) Turkish series is a remake of Turkish movie named Dam made in 1977 starring Turkan Soray and Tarik Akan.Nehir (biran) is a young and beautiful girl who uses; her beauty to swindle young men. Since she was left alone by her parents; and forced to survive in the streets, she has been living. together with her mentor Zerrin ;(Sumru Yavrucuk).Zerrin and Nehir become a good business partner and work together to swindle young men. While Nehir seduces a wealthy man and makes him fall in love with her, Zerrin pretends to be Nehir’s mother.

Nehir starts to text with Nazim,but when she sends him her photo,he sends Tarik’s photo because of his wound on his face.

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