Hercai Episode 69 English Subtitles High Quality

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Hercai Episode 69 English Subtitles High Quality

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Hercai Turkish series is adapted from Sumeyye Ezel’s novel named Hercai. Miran Aslanbey (Akin Akinozu) is a successful businessman who is young, charismatic, and cold. He has been raised by his grandmother Azize (Ayda Aksel) after his parents died years ago. Miran has been raised with anger and vengeance towards Sadoglu family which was responsible for the death of his parents.In order to take his revenge, Miran comes to Midyat and starts to execute his plan. He starts to do business with Sadoglu family which is one of the wealthiest families in Midyat. He does his best to prove that he is a trustworthy man.After 2 years working together with Sadoglu family, Miran manages to gain their trust, become their business partners, and build interdependent business relations.hercai episode 69 english subtitles

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