Teskilat Episode 22 english subtitles High Quality

Serdar, who prevented the plane attack and landed it at the airport, was kidnapped and lost his memory in the lab. Then the team went to Poland, found Serdar and took himto Turkey. In addition, Mete had to step down as chairman of the team due to the appointment of the chairman for another task and chairman Halit (Turgut Tunçalp) took hisplace. In the company, after the death of Zayed Fadi, he brought Yıldırım Yaman (Gurkan Uygun) who wanted revenge on President Halit and Tövbekar (Hakan Boyav) for 30years as the head of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Yildirim, oil in the eastern Mediterranean, launched an attack on the drilling vessel named "Mavi Vatan 1". Zehra'sex-husband Kemal lost his life in the attack. Tövbekar, on the other hand, is an agent whose real name is Sadık, who worked for the state in the past and killed many innocentpeople. He later regretted what he did, repented and quit MIT.Watch Teskilat Episode 22 ; With English Subtitles, Also Streaming and  season 2 Full HD online; The organization Episode 22 ;Turkish Series English Subtitles, Series 2021 turkish1  Series Teskilat Episode 22 english subtitles.Watch all episodes with arabic subtitles on :turkish1
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