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Prik Gub Klur

Overview :

Siam runs away from home after his stepmother tried to seduce him while he was drunk. Jeed relieves the stress by driving her car very fast. Jeed’s car stops for no apparent reason and Siam fixes it for her. He ends up having dinner at her house and, after getting shot while saving her family from a robbery, Siam is hired as their gardener and later as a mechanic at the family’s car company. Soon, he becomes the person who listens to all her problems. This way, Siam and Jeed start developing feelings for each other.

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Informations :

Views : 54

Genre : ComedyFamily

Director :

Actors : ,

TV Status : Returning Series

Release year :

First air date : 2021-11-07

Last air date : 2021-12-04

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Prik Gub Klur
Prik Gub Klur


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